1. What Are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Record is a realm of consciousness containing an energetic imprint of each Soul’s journey through all lifetimes. It is a sacred dimension where Heaven and Earth meet, referred to in various ways in the world’s major religions, and previously accessible only to a chosen few spiritual leaders. In today’s world, as consciousness is shifting, and many on Earth are striving to align our human existence more fully with our spiritual essence, we all have the potential to access this powerful, healing, spiritual resource.

2. How do we access the Records?

There are likely many ways to access the Records. Edgar Cayce did so through a state of trance. Many who are drawn to work in the Records come to recognize that we may have spontaneously accessed this wisdom as we worked in other spiritual or healing modalities. However I have found that the most reliable way to access the Records is through a specific prayer, that provides, intent, focus, and protection. This is the way I access the Records, and the way I teach others as well.

3. What is the Source of the Prayer?

I use and teach the Akashic Access Prayer©  as a way to access the Akashic Records. This prayer was received by members of  The Akashic Network in the Spring of 2015.   As a founding member of The Akashic Network, I have been an active participant in receiving this prayer, and in the group collaboration to understand the best process and understanding of the use of the prayer.  While I have accessed the energy of the Records in other ways, including through other Sacred Prayers, I find the Akashic Access Prayer©  to provide access to the highest and most healing energy.

4. What are the potential benefits of an Akashic Reading?

An Akashic Consultation provides an opportunity to gain a new and healing perspective on everyday life challenges, as we are able to view them from a Soul perspective. An Akashic session can help with life decisions about relationships, career, family issues, health, and any other life questions and concerns. Connecting to the wonderful healing consciousness of the Akasha through a consultation can be transformative in helping us release old patterns, and move forward in greater alignment with our Soul’s purpose. For more specific information, refer to the page titled “Akashic Consultations”

5. Is an Akashic Reading like a psychic reading.

An  Akashic Consultation is not about prediction, and is energetically different than engaging with the psychic realm. While information is received and conveyed, it is in the service of healing and elevating consciousness, and not about predicting the future.  One can explore different choices and will often receive guidance regarding potential outcomes of different paths.

6. Can I open my own Records?

Yes! While it can be very beneficial to have a reading, i.e., your Records open and read by a skilled practitioner, one of the wonderful aspects of this Resource is that you can learn to open your own Records, and thereby have this resource available for your support, guidance, healing, and enlightenment at all times. For more specific information about events and classes where you can learn about working with the Akashic Records, refer to  Calendar of Events.

7. Is an Akashic Reading connected to any particular religion?

Akashic Records are a wonderful spiritual resource that are not connected to any particular religion. The Akashic Records are referred to in various ways in most of the world’s great religions, but no belief system is necessary in order to obtain benefit from a consultation, or from opening your own Records. However reincarnation is assumed by those who work in the Records, as we are able to receive past life information as well as present life.

For more information, see pages “Akashic Consultations”, Events and Classes, or email Fran@AkashicSource.com